“Close Encounters” by George Karavantos

Planespotting from the ground is definitely one of the best hobbies ever, but Planespotting from the air is ever better! Our new contributor George Karavantos, is an airline pilot and works with Aegean Airlines, the main air carrier of Greece.
During the past two years, Aegean Airlines, has participated in joint exercises with the HAF, where fighter pilots had the opportunity to simulate “Renegade” scenarios, under which an unidentified civil aircraft was entering the Hellenic Airspace and had to be intercepted.
But even in this kind of exercises there is always the fun part. Especially if you are a Planespotter.
So here are some pictures of the latest Hellenic Vipers, F-16 C/D Block 52+ Advanced, the most modern F-16s in Europe under close encounter. Enjoy!’

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by George Karavantos